Would you like to make lots more money and have far more recognition for your work? Would you like your relationships to thrive and your family life to be filled with happiness? How about being healthy and looking and feeling fantastic? Having time for fun, play and adventure? And being utterly happy with yourself?

The difference between just doing well enough and living the life of your dreams is often a very small but super important thing. The real reason you’re not as successful as you want to be is that you don’t treat yourself well enough. You don’t prioritize yourself appropriately. And you don’t put enough value on who you are and what you bring to the world.

We have been trained to believe that it’s a good thing to be selfless, that we should put our needs or wants aside and put others first. If you’ve been seduced by the idea that your goodness depends on how much you sacrifice for others, it’s time to grow up and get real with life.

I was always a person who was very willing to help others but who would never ask for help myself. That went on for most of my life. It's only recently that I finally realized it was a strategy that was not working well for me. 

Perhaps you are someone who believes that it's all up to you, or that you have to be perfect, and consequently you always have far too much on your plate. You may be struggling to get it all done, to make it all happen. And it's simply not working. 

Sound familiar?

Last evening as I was getting into bed I realized that I wasn’t feeling that great about how my day had gone.

I pondered what was troubling me and discovered that I hadn’t been as productive as I would have liked. I’d done a lot: worked with clients, met new prospects, set up meetings, kept up with all my blogging and social media postings, even updated my website. It was all good stuff, but I hadn’t done anything remarkable. I hadn’t made any significant moves, the ones that change the game.  My book draft that needed some work was untouched, I didn’t follow up with a potential big client and a new program that I am developing hadn’t gotten any attention. I had made lots of small and important moves, but not done the things that would actually progress my work. And I was not happy with myself. 

If you are a highly driven person, I’m sure you can relate. Achievement is a huge part of feeling good about one’s day. But there’s more to a successful day than making big things happen.

Here are five keys to a day that is both productive and fulfilling:

Problems are a natural part of life and a huge component of making life work is knowing how to handle problems.

Here are some ways that people often deal with the problem phenomenon: they avoid risks, don’t rock the boat, they don’t speak their truth, they stay in their comfort zone and do everything to minimize the possibility of problems. Another approach is to over-analyze situations in an attempt to control or pre-empt problems. This usually just creates unnecessary problems more than anything else. Some people respond to problems by blaming other people. Others play the martyr and blame themselves.  

These are not healthy strategies for living. You will be miserable and ineffective, and problems will still find you.

Inspiration is something that you need every day. It is what makes the difference between success and failure, happiness and boredom, clarity and confusion and it gives meaning and purpose to life.

Inspiration takes you out of the realm of the mundane and the ordinary and connects you with your soul. In fact, we could well say that inspiration is our soul talking to us, bringing us the answers we need and showing us the way. It is the response to the questions in our heart. It is what we need for our lives to flow.

Think of a day like this:

You wake up thinking happy thoughts about all the good things in your life.

You hop out of bed eager to begin the day, ready to embrace all the exciting events that are about to unfold. You can’t wait to hug your family “good morning” and then you practically dance your way to the car as you leave for work or school.

Rain or shine, traffic or not, this day is magnificent!

Meetings that could have been challenging or downright horrible zip by with ease. Everyone seems focused on the appropriate outcomes and positivity reigns. You are beaming and everyone you encounter, clients, customers or colleagues feel your energy and are uplifted.


If you are not living your truth you will never be happy or truly successful!

Happiness is the feeling you get when your inner and outer selves match up. And real success flows when you are being and doing what is authentic and organic for you.

So then, what is this “truth” and how the heck do you live it?

Your truth is what you really want to do, the way you truly express yourself. It is your inner power, your magic, your awesome self. Your truth is often the part of you that is repressed so that you can “fit in” to society and make your way in life.

That may seem like a smart choice. After all, you need to get a job and pay the bills, right? 

We all have an area of our life where things are not quite what we’d like them to be.

Maybe there is more than one area where you would like things to change. Perhaps you want to make a lot more money, or move your career forward. You may want to lose weight or improve your health. Or, your family life may not be as loving, peaceful or connected as you'd like it to be. You may be struggling with your relationship or you may be unhappy with your choices or an inability to be true to yourself. Whatever it is, you've probably been struggling with it for a while and cannot seem to make enough progress. 

Are you really ready to do whatever it takes to get the breakthroughs you want?

Every day, every week, every month or year is only as good as you make it.

It may not feel this way, but we have the power to create exactly what we want with our lives, or not. It really is up to us. How? We need to harness our power, focus our minds and hearts, and commit to creating what we want.

In the next few blog posts, I will be laying out the 5 keys to make 2015 the most amazing year you have ever lived. I’m only posting one key at a time because I want you to focus on that particular key and not jump ahead. 


It’s very nearly December 31st and the year is over. I’m sure most of us would say that it was an intense year. Funny how life is requiring more and more of us. We have more to deal with and manage on a daily basis. We are inundated with information and are now accessible 24/7 via our mobiles and social media. Everywhere we look someone is trying to get our attention and we are constantly required to decide: How am I going to spend my time ?