Tips from a life coach on how to be great and fulfill your potential.

This series is about going after what you really want. It's about not holding back. It's about not doubting yourself, about not stopping you from doing YOU. The most important thing you can do in your life is to live up to who you really are. To uncover the incredible person you are on the inside and let that person out.

If you took a poll with the question, “What do people want the most?” More times than not you would get the answer, “Happiness.” But that is simply not the case. What people really want is to be significant, to be important, to be valuable. Most people would choose sad and significant over happy and unimportant to others. Well they couldn’t be happy if they were unimportant to others. Yes! People want to be valued, they want to be needed, they want others to think of them, to include them, to recognize them.

If you're following your dreams and shooting for greatness, you're probably finding out that it's all about getting up everyday and doing what it takes to be your best. You don't have to go rock climbing or run 20 miles, though that's fun too, but there are 5 simple things that are a must everyday, if you really want to be awesome at what you do. 

I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of greatness, of becoming all that you can be, of fulfilling your potential.

Does greatness matter? Should we care whether or not we accomplish anything important with our lives? Or is it okay to just not bother and settle for ordinary things?

Someone said to me recently, “I’d rather be dead than not go after greatness!”

I feel the same way. Are we crazy? Or isn’t that what we’re meant to be doing here on earth? Shooting for our highest possibility? Being inspired to create new and wonderful things, and then doing it?

The key to getting life to work for you is to love yourself more and more.

That means accepting yourself, trusting yourself, believing in yourself, standing up for yourself, and speaking your truth. It’s all about you. Yep, success requires a dose of healthy selfishness. Here are five simple and easy ways to love yourself to success:

Forgiveness is even more important than you think. 

It’s long been a key tenet of most religious thought and more recently, has been touted as one of the keys to finding happiness and success. But whereas in the past, the focus was on the other person, now we understand that forgiveness is not about the person whom we believed wronged us. Forgiveness is for us, the “victim.” It frees us and allows us to move on with our lives. Forgiving the person who hurt you helps you to take your power back. And that is crucial, for without your power, without all of you at your disposal it will be quite impossible to achieve success, find happiness or fulfill your potential.

As you head into some summer holiday time, there are hundreds of book choices that you can make. Why not use some of your break to find some real inspiration?

I am so happy to share a couple of my all time favorite books and a few newer ones that are really worth more than just a casual read. These authors provide perspectives that can forever change your life.


We all have hopes and dreams for what we really want out of life.

Sadly, we may have given up on them, or really just don’t believe that what we really want will ever happen. We SETTLE. But we don’t have to. Check out my conversation on the Oh, Mary! Show with Host, Mary Kennedy and Co-Host Paul Jacek to get some answers.

We all have a mission, something deep within us that we are moved to do.

Our mission is something that, should we accomplish it, would bring great value to others and help make the world the place it is aching to be. If every person would permit themselves to follow their inner truth and fulfill their mission, the world would be simply the most delightful place - greatness would be everywhere.

Do you find that you struggle to follow through on the things that you really want to do? The big ideas? Your dreams of new possibilities? The kinds of things that would really change your life?

You may be doing quite well, but you want so much more and find that you cannot seem to turn what's in your head into reality. Well, don't settle! Don't convince yourself that you're doing well enough and then quit on your dreams. We are here to make our dreams real. It's part of our natural human inclination and purpose. It's a healthy and even holy endeavor.